Cameroon today will join the world to observe the International Jazz Day, celebrated on April 30 of each year. This year, celebrations will highlight on promotion of Cameroonian jazzmen.

In Cameroon, the event dubbed “La Yaoundé in Jazz Day”, will be hosted by the Association of Jazz’s Musicians of Cameroon- AMU-JAZZ at the Red Cross party hall. The atypical festival will hold in presence of some Cameroonian jazzmen like Moustik Ambassa, the group MONTHE and other artistes on the likes of guest star Turkish guitar player, Bilal Karaman hailing from Istanbul.

The International Jazz Day is a celebration implemented as response to some worries jazz as a way of musical expression could help solving among which the vulgarisation of freedom of speech and the promotion of peace and unity; the creation of opportunities to ease mutual understanding and tolerance; the reduction of misunderstanding between individuals, groups and communities; the reinforcement of the role played by youths in social changing and the encouragement of artistic innovation.

Proclaimed in November 2011 during UNESCO’s General Assembly, the International Jazz Day has as main mission to sensitize the international community on the virtues of jazz as an educational tool and a way of strengthening peace, unity, dialogue and cooperation between people across the world.


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