From Longue in 2008 to Elle n’a pas vu released in 2015, Charlotte Dipanda has marked many generations of Cameroonians through her different musical productions. Her smooth and delicate style have captured the public and her outstanding performances made her an important music icon in Cameroon. In the days ahead, she will be celebrating her 10th career anniversary and at the same time, releasing her 4th album entitled “Un jour dans ma vie”.

Born on July 18, 1985 in Yaoundé, Charlotte Dipanda grew up between Yaoundé, Douala and Mbouda in the West Cameroon. At the age of 15, she started performing in cabarets, but found it difficult to match with her studies since she was still in Government high school. Her decision was not revocable as she dropped school in Form 5 in order to fully concentrate on music. Charlotte Dipanda is a musician artist, and author compositor who fashioned her musical style after monsters of the Cameroon music industry such as TOTO Guillaume, Bebe MANGA, Lokua Kanza, Ben Decca, Cesaria Evora and Jeannot Hens. She started her first footstep in the music in 2001 with acoustic and makossa as musical genres. She is also a fine player of guitar.

In 2001, she recorded with Jeannot Hens, who was at that time her first godfather. From her collaboration with Jeannot a first single Longué came to the light of the day in 2001.

She later moved to France and registered for a training program at Institut Art Culture Perception (IACP) of Paris. There she went on training with Papa Wemba following a recommendation by Lokua Kanza. She however began getting actively involved in collaborations with MANU Dibango, Idrissa DIOP, Rokia TRAORE and Axelle RED.

In 2008, the singer unveiled her first ever album she called MISPA . That album name after the singer’s deceased mom, is an homage to her.

In 2012, her second album entitled Dube l’am “my faith”, in collaboration with Guy NSANGUE was released. The album was all about faith, life her country Cameroon with songs sang in Douala, Bakaka and French.

Three years later, which was in 2015, Charlotte Dipanda proposed her third album namely Massa made up of 10 titles. The songs were is a melting pot of jazz, acoustic, makossa-soft and afro beat. That album was also made up of 10 songs among which “Ndolo Bukate”, “Aléa MBA “and “Kénè So”. After that master piece, the artist returned to the studio and started working on the next album that will officially be presented in 2018.

Meantime, the 29th and 30th March 2018 are special dates for the singer who last year was chosen as coach at the TV show “The Voice, Afrique francophone” broadcast every Saturday on Vox Africa. Charlotte Dipanda has planned to officially present her new baby “Un jour dans ma vie” to her beloved fans during a concert at the Yaoundé Multi-sport complex on March 31 respectively. The new production evokes “friendship”, “hypocrisy”…

Since a good news sometimes hides another one, the release and presentation of Charlotte Dipanda’s new album is also the occasion for her to celebrate 10 years of her musical career. In order to immortalize that particular event, the multi-awarded singer is going to spend a nice moment with fans during a live concert at the Douala Castel Hall on March 29, 2018.  Still talking about celebration, she intends to launch a foundation to accompany girls who have difficulties in settling themselves and realise their dreams. A social project that goes in line with Charlotte Dipanda’s desire to contribute in improving live of Cameroonian girls.


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