The nominees of the second edition of the Cameroon International Film Festival, CAMIFF are known. The lists were made public last month during a special nomination ceremony in Buea.

The films nominated are hailing from different parts of the globe, including Cameroon, notably from neighbouring country Nigeria, Ghana, India, Japan, France, United States and many other countries. And are classified in four categories which are:



Behind the wheels (Nigeria)

Black September (India)

The eye of silence (Japan)

The Apprentice (Turkey)

The preparation (Georgia)

Silverspoon (Nigeria)

Le cycle

Just not married (Nigeria)

Kiss of death

Journey to the mother (Russia)

Demon hunter (Iceland)

Illegal immigrants

Love is a prank (Nigeria)

Daggers (Ghana)

Home sweet home

Jat-Jatin (India)

La patrie d’abord

Color me (Nigeria)

The plug (US)

Single mother (Nigeria)


Inherit the star (Japan)


My story

24 (India)

Victoria (France)

A beautiful day to die



Ennemi du temps (DR Congo)

Getting to zero

The hospice care (China)

Point de vue

Mes vamajres

Juste une mangue


Silent road

C’est pour bientôt

Ziko (Nigeria)

Time keeper

The hunger (United Arab Emirates)

The story has ended (Egypt)

Special force anti-harassers (Algeria)




A people at sea

Vivian Vivian



The forest of the lost souls

Road to hope

The road to home

Richesse naturelle


N.G.O (Nothing Going On)

Porto Da pequena Africa

Seven sins of civilization

The mother without a womb




Kiss of death


Le cycle

Barefoot on broken bottles


Illegal immigrants

Before you say yes I do

A beautiful day to die

The Cameroon International Film Festival (CAMIFF) is an event that showcases and presents an immersion into the world of film making with participation from actors, directors, scriptwriters, cinematographers, sound engineers, editors, light engineers, students, equipment manufacturers and media.

The festival will feature a series of workshops and training opportunities to raise the standards of the local industry; networking events such as the film and equipment market wherein partnerships are encouraged through development of content trade channels; and a film programme that will screen various films over.

The awards ceremony will take place from April 24-29, 2017 in Buea.

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