It is no longer a surprise. The 2016-2017 Wazal couture collection is finally here. The new clothing collection was recently made available for the pleasure of fashion lovers and its adepts.

The new clothing line is called “Ova tété” collection, which owes its name to Cameroonian slangs “ova” which means bigger and noble person and “tété” used to describe the modern appearance of dresses and those who have good taste and know how to dress well.

“Ova tété” collection is the master piece of French- Cameroonian fashion designer Joseph Ayissi Nga whose motivation through the project was to create clothes that people could wear in the future. “This collection is indecent, 10, years in advance or shameless 5 years in advance. I prefer being ahead because the fashion world is in constant evolution”. Explained the designer.

In order to stand out and serve the needs of his customers, the stylist used noble and quality materials. The materials include first choice African print from Senegal and Mali (wax). The melange of those ingredients gave and outstanding output as we can see below.


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Who is Joseph Ayissi Nga?

Also nicknamed JJ du Style, Joseph Ayissi Nga is son of a tailor, passionate about fashion designing. At his early age, he got inspired by pioneer Cameroonian designers on the likes of Imane Ayissi and Martial Topolo. It is in that light that he decided to follow their footsteps and in 2005 he created his own clothing line: WAZAL. The Wazal brand is a blend of “Waza”, a national park in the Far-North region of Cameroon and the letter “L” which stands for lion, known as the Cameroonian symbol. Both of them therefore symbolises respect and power respectively.

Wazal couture is a fashion houses that expresses more of casual wear in a constant search of innovations, new styles and creativity

One year later, Joseph Ayissi launched first designs that immediately grabbed the attention of some artists like Singuila, Alpeco, Wayne Beckford, Romaric Koffi and Lalcko and became his first models.

After a professional training at the Vanessa Ruiz fashion school in Paris, the stylist specialized in the creation of tuxedo jackets. And in 2013 he finally released his first jacket’s line that he baptized: “Tété fly”.

Still in 2013, JJ du Style, guest of the ambassador of Cameroon to France, attended a Cameroonian exhibition and the Fashion Night Lounge where he had the opportunity to display his first three clothing lines: Wazal rock, Fly tété and Africa futur.




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