This comes as a result of the fight engaged three years ago by Cameroon’s rock artist, blogger, and founder of The Pioneers rock band, Arthur Himins who fell sorry when he noticed how popular and viral other music genres were going while rock music which lacks sufficient promotion and is still at the same pace. Alongside with his friends, the blogger took the commitment to vulgarise rock music in Cameroon and today the fight is yielding fruits with this 2018 edition of the event. It is in this line that for the 4th time, the Festi Rock will take place not in a cabaret as it used to be, but this time in the French Institute’s theatre and organised in partnership with Shelby Delvy Agency.

Celebrated under the theme “Break the Silence”, the Festi Rock comes in as the adequate platform where Cameroonian rock artistes can make themselves known given that we live in a context where rock music is still to be promoted and consumed as well as makossa, or bikutsi. However, the public will also have the opportunity to get closer their artistes and for those who are not used to it to discover and enjoy Cameroon’s rock music, just like other music’s genre practitioners.

Besides the promotion, discovery and enjoyment part of it, other activities are set on the 2018 Festi Rock’s agenda so as to give some appetising taste to it. They include a rock challenge between artists, overcome rock music i.e. the adaptation of any non-rock music to rock one. It simply consists in changing the rhythm of the original song to that of rock; instrumental music play; in this part, the key instruments used in production of rock music are showcased for the pleasure of the public, the sound of electric guitar, electric bass and drums resonate, rock and metal music interpretation, that is a replay of rock music written by home based rock bands.

A wide range of home-based artists will be animating the festival; they are as official artists, Sadrak, Stephane Akam, Skill Papy; invited rock artists such as Marsi ESSOMBA, Pioneers. The festival will also be the occasion to commemorate one of the founder of rock music in France, the late Johnny Haliday

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