Photographers across the continent will in the days ahead have an opportunity to celebrate their master pieces through the Festi Flash that will take place this year in Benin. During the four-day event, discussions and submitted works will be focused on their “View on the current Africa”.

This year’s theme is due to the fact that the event is an occasion for sons and daughters of Africa to tell her story through photography. For the past years, Western people have been Africa’s storytellers; they were given free authorisation to paint and write the story of the continent; unfortunately whenever Africa is mentioned in foreign media, one can see a continent ravaged by famine, diseases, poverty or even wars and uprisings. It is in this light that participants at the 2017 Festi Flash will have the occasion to show the other facet of Africa, that side still unknown by many made up of joy, culture, rites and tradition, arts, infrastructure and especially a continent where youth entrepreneurship keeps sprouting as days pass… Reason why the festival’s main objective is to assess the view of those photographers on today’s Africa.

However, the event is also a favourable juncture of circumstances for photographers of the continent to showcase their works and contest for the Prize of the Best Exposed Tableau FF2016. That will be during a celebration during which activities such as expositions, conferences and training workshops will be carried out.

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To be a contestant at this third edition of Festi Flash, interested photographers should fill the application form online, followed by a curriculum vitae, a biography (maximum 10 lines), a high quality photograph of the artist, a descriptive text of the work which should include 10 to 12 pictures, grouped in series of at least 4 pictures in colour and/or in black and white before May 31, 2017. Details on call for entries HERE.

At the end of the event a special prize will be awarded to the Best Photography of Festi Flash 2017 and other artists nominated in the concerned categories will be rewarded during an awards ceremony.


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