The 5th edition of the “Emoi Photographique” festival opened this March 25 at Angoulême, a commune in France with 20 photographers selected across the world under the theme: “History and short stories”.

This year, four photographers are representing the African continent; they are Burkina Faso’s Warren Saré, Louis Oke Agbo, Congolese Arnaud Makalou and Baudouin Mouanda in order to ensure the perpetual existence of a place of exposition out of the continent

For the next three weeks, photographers selected following a call for submission of their works are going to showcase their know-how in photography and their masterpieces.

According to the event’s calendar, some of the nominated photographers will be able to share their views on their job and their experience with the public during the festival. In the meantime, Warren Saré’s work “La Dernière Carte” will be exposed in the Angoulême museum on April 6, 2017 for the first time in France, but before that Africans photographers will meet with the public on 1st and 2nd of April.

The organizers however suggested Warren Saré to share his work with them on Senegalese skirmishers in Burkina Faso and Benin. They explained that it’s a way for them to make a back and forth between what the skirmishers went through after they left French colonies to fight for the liberation of metropolis and their current situation.

Meanwhile, Arnaud Makalou is present there with is work “Being a labourer in Brazza” which relates the reality of young labourers in Brazzaville, Congo; while his compatriot Baudouin Mouanda is present at the festival with his work entitled “Se débrouiller pour devenir grand” which is all about small jobs done by youths in the streets of Bacongo and Louis Ako Agbo from Benin will present his work on “Folie” which is the author’s action of assistance to people mentally instable in Benin.

The “Emoi Photographique” festival is a photographic event created by an association that carries its name in 2012 with the aim of promoting photographers as well as their photographs. The “Emoi Photographique” festival 2017 closes on April 20, 2017 in Angoulême.

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