If I Say “give me the mic yo!” does that give you any clue on our guest this week? Yeah definitely we are taking you to the music industry to meet one of Cameroon’s prominent urban artist Ko-C. The guy with the rapid flow and the inspiring lyrics shares with us the story of his beautiful journey with music from gospel to his projects as far as his career is concerned. You want to know more about Ko-C? Let’s go!


For our thousands of readers can you briefly tell us Who’s KOC? When and how did you start doing music?
KO-C is a singer – rapper, Cameroonian based artist. I was born in Kumba (Meme division, South West region), I studied in Buea both primary and secondary. After, I did my university in Buea equally, where I obtained a degree. I started music immediately after obtaining my university degree, then I moved over to Yaoundé, where I began my musical career with Big Dreams Entertainment up to today.

In the musical domain, you began with a crew, what was the idea behind it?
Yeah PIM Boys was like a gospel kind of group, we were doing gospel music, vous savez beaucoup de carrières commencent toujours par le gospel, la chorale vous voyez? Mais même jusqu’à ce jour je ne me suis pas éloigné du gospel, quand vous écoutez “Balancé”,”Sango” et tout ça c’est véritablement des chansons Gospel. Après, nous avons décidé que chacun prenne sa route, chacun commence sa carrière solo. Voilà comment nous nous sommes séparés.

After the brief moment with the crew, you signed with “RM”, the story?
RM actually is where I effectively started my solo career, I had to look for an investor. It was under this label, that I released my first single “Balancé”. For information, “Balancé” most people know is a remix, because the original version was released in 2016.

Why have you chosen to sign with BIG DREAMS? What was your impression when they approached you so as to work with them?
You know, it is always better to work with a team, everybody has a role and a function, you see what I mean? That’s what actually made me to merge with BIG DREAMS ENTERTAINMENT. It was quite a good impression indeed, I had the feeling that I was doing something great (my music) and they appreciate it. You know also at that time BIG DREAMS was one of the top production label, with Locko at that moment. That made everybody wanting to work with them so I was happy to work with them. It is with the single “Bollo c’est Bollo”, that the public really discovered KO-C.

How did you feel as being recognised now as a star?
Actually, at one point of time it was kind of surprising and at the same time it was encouraging like they are beginning to accept what I do and love it. It gave me that motivation to work more create and give more of me. It really motivated me to continue what I’m doing. Today, I’m still here!

What is the secret behind such a rapid and consistent uprising?

The secret is hard work. Also I can say patience and consistency, you continue to work hard, continue to push-up, and produce good music. That’s how people are going to accept you.

When are we going to have an album of KO-C? Are we going to have new vibes this year?
Next year. I wanted to release the album by this May but things have changed. I want to add new songs, new hits but the album is already on the way. Yeah, in 2019 I will release new songs, new singles don’t worry.

Tell us; what are your short and long term projects? Is there any Cameroonian artist interesting you presently for a collaboration?
For my short term project, it is my music, continue singing but with time I will engulf myself into production, start
pushing and producing other people other artists. Hmmmmmm for the collaborations, none for now, none!

KO-C a last word for our readers?
A last word for your lecturers, they should stay consistent, be patient, be hardworking and be prayerful. Thank you.


Repost from www.ckoment.com, Interview by Loïc ABONDO

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