Gomez Oshijirin has of no doubt been the talk of social media for a while now. After releasing his last single Je t’aime under his former label “The 808 Nation”, Gomez has certainly been standing up tall in his game.

What we all probably know by now is that the talented singer is under his new label “Lionn Production” and is scheduled to release the visuals of his latest single titled “Beaute” on the 8th of July 2018 which will be done at a launch party with guest artists including Mr Leo, Salatiel, and Blaise B.

“Beauté” official poster release by Gomez

But what some of you might not know is the fact that “Lionn Production is owned byMr Leo. That’s right, on the 21st of May 2018, Mr Leoon his Facebook page wrote  in his own words:
Hello Mes Tara et Titulaires. 
Every great history starts with an opportunity. 
Un jour en me tendant la main salatiel m’a donné l’opportunité de vivre mon rêve et de recevoir votre amour. 
Aujourd’hui c’est avec beaucoup de joie que j’ai décidé de tendre la main et de donner l’opportunité à un jeune artiste très talentueux Gomez. 
I plead with you to please accept Gomez and show him the same love and support you have always shown to me.”

At this point, questions were asked and people were wondering if Gomez was now a part of the Alpha Better Records but no he is not. Gomez is strictly signed under “Lionn Production owned by Mr Leo.
Gomez has been around the Alpha Better team for a while now and it seems that payed off in a positive way.

Save the date, 8th July 2018, the fly boy will be dropping a hit!



Source:  Domiguez JuniorMissGina promotes

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