You may have probably heard about the recent election of the new male beauty ambassador on the person of Mr World Cameroon 2018. During the contest, he was representing the South-West region alongside other young Cameroonians like him and at the end he finally convinced the jury and won the national title. It is with pleasure that Makala Nganda, Mr World Cameroon 2018 accepted to grant us an interview during which we learned a lot about him and his new role. Let’s take you to a tour in Buea where we met him after his morning gym session last Friday.

You are now Mr. World Cameroon for the next 12 months. How do you feel?

I feel very grateful, excited and optimistic about my role as Mr. World Cameroon. The contest was not easy, there were contestants able to win too, but the jury had the last say and I am the one they chose to be the new face lift of Cameroon.

 Now that you are a public character, how does your life actually looks like?

I am grateful and aware of the fact that my gestures and actions are being watched and appreciated by those who supported me. So I have to portray the good image of the country wherever I find myself.

 The readers of Kulture Master would like to know more about Mr. World Cameroon 2018. So can you tell us more about you?

I don’t have too much to say about me, I am MAKALA NGANDA, I don’t have any English name, a young Cameroonian, student and at the same time member of the national Elite one Basketball team, and now the new Mr. World Cameroon 2018.

How can you describe your path before your election as Mr. World Cameroon?

 Well before winning Mr. World Cameroon, I was just a normal man, a normal guy, a normal student and a basketball player, because I played in the national Elite one in Cameroon.

 What were the biggest the biggest challenges you faced during your participation in the contest?

My first challenge was the French language. I have difficulties to speak the language though I understand it. For me it was the biggest challenge. The requirement for the competition was not difficult to accomplish, for instance we had to sell a certain number of tickets, but I made it. And I promise you that before the end of my mandate, I will be able to transmit the French language very well and as well represent my country.

What do you intend to achieve apart from being the ambassador of male beauty of Cameroon? Something like social actions in the pipe?

Well right now, there is a lot in my head that I intend to achieve especially when it comes to the social aspect, I am still trying to put them down, and see how I can really build around the concept, but I promise you guys, as time unfolds, I will be letting you know on what is happening.

 As a mister (beauty ambassador) you may be charged of missions. What will be your first mission as the mister you are?

Well I’m charged with a lot of missions, but my first mission from now is to put the final pieces of my project together and make sure that is been executed and executed very well.

However, you are going to represent Cameroon in international beauty races. How do you feel it and tell us about the different competitions you will take part in?

It’s an amazing feeling to represent my country Cameroon, because I carry the flag of the nation, it is something actually very great. So as upcoming contest, there is man of the World Dubai that’s coming from the 15th to the 21st of December that’s shortly so I have to represent the country, and there are other contests in Philippines, in Thailand, in Peru, special invitation in France, there is a lot coming and I will be letting you guys know as the time unfolds.

 In which ways do you think beauty contest like the one you recently took part in can contribute in solving social ills in a country?

The first thing is changing the mentality of us Cameroonians about beauty contests. Because I come to realize that Cameroonians when talking about beauty contestants, what comes to mind is immorality, sexual oriented, perverseness. It’s a mentality that we have to change, because those guys representing their nations, beauty queens, they have a lot of projects, and mostly the project is socially oriented to help the youth in a positive way. So if that mentality about the beauty contestants is being changed, you will see the youths now making up to us like a role model, somebody they want to be like, and I believe it’s something that has to be worked on, because the mentalities first have to be changed before we actually make any impact socially.

You earlier mentioned that you played with the National Elite 1 basketball team. How do you cope in managing your (occupation) and your role of Mr. World Cameroon?

Winning Mr. World Cameroon, in life, you face situation as you grow up, there are things that come along your way that you need to add to what you already have, so it’s not hindering me or putting me down, anyway, I still do my sport, I still play basketball and I still handle the stuff of Mr. World Cameroon as it is supposed to be handled, I manage all of them in a way that is going to help me positively.

Mr World Cameroon 2018, Makala Nganda after gym session this Friday/(c)

We are getting close to the end of this interview. Any message you want to pass across? 

For my fans, I would love to thank them a lot, because they are the ones who have made me, I’m nothing without them, I thank the support they give me and I pray them to keep on, begging that they keep on supporting me and I would make them proud and carry the flag of our nation jealously. I want to make them to understand that in life whatever thing you aim at doing or want to achieve, you just need to stay focus and believe in yourself. Life is all about belief and self-confidence and that is one of my motto, I thank them a lot, because they made me, I keep on thanking and thanking them, I wish them all well. Thank you.


Interview conducted by CAPPRON NGASSAM

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