After the closing ceremony of the 22nd edition of Ecrans Noirs film festival that took place last July 20, 2018 in Yaoundé, we met the director and producer of the feature film “Rebel pilgrim”, Paul Samba who shared with us the inside of the movie in a brief exchange. Meanwhile, it should be noted that “Rebel pilgrim” is the only Cameroonian movie that received many awards at this edition of Ecrans Noirs, including the award of the Cameroonian long film the and Central African long film.

How do you feel after winning several awards in a sole event?

Well how else can I feel apart from being so happy? I was not really expecting this, I’m so happy.

What were the difficulties you encountered during the shooting of your movie “Rebel Pilgrim”?

The difficulties were really really many because we shot this movie very far in Donga-Mantung. If you know Donga-Mantung you know where it is; it is very far from town. Only to transport one person from town to the village is not less than 20.000 and we were very many in number. We shot the entire movie with generator because we were shooting where there were no electricity and the challenges were many. To manage actors and actresses in this village was not also easy because that was actually the first time they were working in this village. You know leaving the town from a village you’ve never been before, you do a movie where to have to be there for more than two weeks is not easy.

What is the best moment you had during the shooting of this movie?

The best moment was when things were not really moving because honestly speaking there were some days we did not have food to eat. Despite all these difficulties the actors were still there ready to offer their best and I was so happy. I must say a big congratulation to the entire cast and crew of “Rebel pilgrim”, they did an amazing job.

Now what next?

We have subsequent projects but you know we released “Rebel pilgrim” last year and it is actually very new so hopefully we will be sending this movie to other festivals. There are other projects but we can’t embark on right now because actually we’ve won some awards before this, so we think this movie has something to do, it can create a lot of impacts in the society so the more we send it to other festivals the more people get to watch this movie, understand the message we are trying to pass across. I think filmmaking is a good platform to sensitize people about certain things because “Rebel pilgrim” exposes the adverse effects that polygamy has in our families.

What is your last word and take home message?

Well I would say I’m so grateful, I think each and every one who has been so supportive to me on this project and on other projects. And I would say in this life whatever you want to do, do it from the heart and work hard.

Thank you.

The crew of “Rebel pilgrim” at Ecrans Noirs closing ceremony/DR



“Rebel Pilgrim” narrates the story of a 17 year old girl, Leyonga, born into a polygamous family. She is very studious and has dreams of going someday, get a job and take care of her mother, Bisona, whom the husband does not care about. When Leyonga passes her Ordinary level certificate, her father wants to marryher off to his friend old enough to be her grand-father. This marriage will enable him to pay the bride price of his 4th wife. Will Leyonga succeed in her dreams of going to the university? Will her father succeed in getting her married to his friend? Here is movie that you should watch and why not recommend it to



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