A few months after the episode of male pageant Mister Earth where model Nick Parker Biapa represented Cameroon, it is the turn of Audrey Monkam to take Cameroon’s flag abroad for the 18th edition of Miss Earth in Philippines.

Audrey Monkam from Cameroon poses with other African contestants at Miss Earth 2018

This year over 80 young girls from different parts of the world, are taking part in Miss Earth pageant. They have been present in Philippines since the beginning of October where they have been participating in various activities while waiting for the coronation day. Those activities include the “national costume”, “long gown”, swimsuit”, resort” and “talent” competitions. Among those candidates, there is the indomitable lioness Audrey Monkam, who is our talent of the week. Let us have a look at her.

Born Audrey Nabila Monkam, Miss Earth Cameroon 2018 is a Cameroonian, aged 23 who got herself involved in beauty affairs in a spur-of-the-moment way. She explains that she was highly encouraged by her friends who never missed any occasion to let her know that she has a good height and weight for modelling. Those encouragements finally influenced her decision, reason why she took on modelling for 6 years now.

While practicing, Monkam started feeling uncomfortable with her size which to her was becoming “too much for runways” and chose to switch in to beauty pageant in 2014. Unfortunately her first experience did not go on as she expected. “I failed in my first pageant and felt so discouraged”. Audrey Monkam entrusted. However, failure was not enough for her to give up as she steady herself and went back for other beauty contests, including Miss Arts and Culture, Miss Beach and later Miss Earth Cameroon.

Unlike the first time, those different participations ended up with victories like the title of the 1st runner-up she got at Miss Arts and Culture in 2016, then one year later she was elected as Miss Beach and today she is Miss Earth Cameroon. Apart from her titles as miss, Audrey have been distinguished herself on runways of important fashion events like the Africa Fashion Week in Nigeria and the Annual Show in Cameroon.

Who says Miss Earth says a project related to the environment. As far as our contestant is concerned, she travelled to Philippines with one main battle. That is the fight against water pollution which she has planned to start by creating awareness on the dangers of littering our environment. The next step of her battle is all about helping decelerate the already caused effects of water pollution by going green. Going green according to Miss Earth Cameroon means to live a healthy and eco-friendly life given the fact that water pollution cannot be completely prevented. She henceforth hopes this will be implemented and adopted as well by the population who seem not to understand the gravity of the situation, which can be slowed down by the eradication of plastic and the usage of the “5 Rs” (rethink, reduce, reuse, recycle and respect). “Hopefully, by the end of the competition, I should be able to have a chance in saving our planet earth as one of the ‘Goddesses of the earth for Yaoundé’, healthier we live, the better our planet earth will be”. Audrey Monkam expresses her expectations from Miss Earth 2018.

Audrey Monkam during tree planting session at Miss Earth 2018/DR

Beyond her aspirations in fashion, Audrey Monkam is a holder of a bachelor degree in banking and finance from the university of Buea- Cameroon. One of the goal she would like to achieve in the future is to own her a fashion brand.

The Miss Earth pageant is an international environment event channeling the beauty pageant entertainment industry as an effective tool to promote environmental awareness. Apart from strong emphasis on environmental protection programs, Miss Earth also aims at showcasing and promoting various tourist destinations. The winner of this year’s edition will be known on the 3rd of November during the coronation night in Manilla-Philippines.




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